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"You're most happy when you're writing."

Those are the words my husband said to me in a conversation about my future plans. I'd found myself at a junction, where I could either go back to work and make a reliable, steady income, or use my newfound free time to follow my dreams. 

The problem was, I wasn't sure which dream to follow. I am a serial dreamer; I've desired to be many different things when I "grow up." I've started and quit a hundred or more hobbies, and by the time I realized what I wanted to go to college for, the window of opportunity had passed. 

But no matter where I have been in life, no matter what fleeting interest caught my fancy, I have always had one consistent passion; writing. Specifically, writing fantasy. From my earliest memories to now, I have always been a crafter of stories. 

"You're most happy when you're writing." Well, when he puts it like that, it's not a question anymore. I love writing, I love sharing my stories with others. This is my journey to becoming a published author. I'm not entirely sure how to get there, but come along with me and we will learn together. 

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