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"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."

William Wordsworth

Advent in the Alps


March 14, 2022

Inspired by the work of R.A. Salvatore, this redemption tale is set in Dungeons and Dragons' Forgotten Realms setting. 

As a child, Kitty knew nothing but love and happiness from her family, but all of that changed the night of the Dark Elf raid. Now orphaned and enslaved to cavern-dwelling drow, she must fight to hold onto the light within her or suffer a fate worse than death. 

Meanwhile, Rismyn knows nothing of love, born the second son of drow nobility. Until he stumbles upon the half-elf slave girl that his brother captured on the Surface. Now everything he has been raised to believe is being challenged, and he must choose between what is right and what is drow. 

Project Camellia

Coming Soon

All Cordellia wants is to prove to her stepmother that she is worthy of her father's black market inheritance. But when a dangerous heist ends in owing a favor to fey royalty, Cordellia finds herself entangled in much more than a harmless life of crime.

Sent to the palace to guard Prince Soran against assassination attempts on behalf of his fairy godmother, Cordellia must learn to navigate royal courts, evade political scandals, and keep her wits about her as she strives to convince her stepmother she can pull off the richest con in history.


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